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Uncategorized May 09, 2023

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the housing market is going insane and good deals are getting harder and harder to find. So why is it that we spend our hard-earned money driving for dollars or skip tracing properties, and then we don't even keep track of the leads we actually make contact with?

Or when we finally do get up the nerve to cold call, we talk to someone who's interested and wants us to call them back in a few days, but then we lose their contact info in a mess of sticky notes and random papers?

You know what I'm talking about. The cost of a disorganized business is higher than you think, and I don't know for sure but I can guess that throwing away money isn't part of your business plan.

If it keeps happening, you're gonna run out of cash sooner rather than later. I realized that I was in this exact situation a few weeks ago.

In today's post, I want to show you guys what I did to change it and stop the bleeding. This is my first time cold calling homeowners who don't have their homes for sale.

About two weeks into my wholesaling journey, I sat down to cold call for the very first time and it went about as well as you might expect, but it wasn't all bad.

“I'm calling about the property you own on Yorktown Avenue. I'm a local investor and we're buying some houses in that neighborhood. Do you have a moment to chat?”

“Not right now. I'm gonna be using one for you.”

“Okay, can I call you back this evening?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“Thank you so much. Talk to you soon. Bye-bye.”

That was actually the very first time I ever spoke to someone who didn't cuss me out, didn't say I had the wrong number, or didn't just outright hang up on me.

She was interested in selling her property and she wanted me to call her back later that night.

And I never did.

I've never shared this before because it's kind of embarrassing, but I couldn't figure out which person she was based on the numbers that were on my list. And to be honest, I've been really unorganized.

I've tried to keep things straight between notebooks, Excel tables, and documents on Notion. But between growing really quickly and not realizing the value of investing in my real estate business, things have been all over the place.

I've wasted plenty of money on leads that just never got followed up with, which means I've lost out on deals and I've lost out on money.

Recently, a more experienced investor told me to check out a software called ReSimpli. With you guys in mind, I got the chance to interview the owner of ReSimpli and ask him all the questions that I thought would be useful for my business, but also useful for you guys.

Plus, I got them to hook you guys up with a big discount.


The ReSimpli CRM

ReSimpli is a CRM, which is a customer relationship management software, and the owner of the company, Sharad, is like the opposite of me right now.

I'm trying to get on his level.

He not only owns and runs ReSimpli, but he also house flips, wholesales, has a rental portfolio, and has a property management company.

He is just so organized, and after walking through recently with him I could see why.

Now, I almost didn't put this post out because I don't want it to come off as salesy. But I also realized that so much goes into running a successful real estate business, and not a lot of that behind the scenes information is shared on YouTube so I'm trying to change that.

This is episode one in a new series on my YouTube channel where I'm just gonna show you guys the behind the scenes of all of the tools and software that are running my business.

I'm only gonna show you guys tools that I'm actually using, so whether or not you decide to use them yourself at least you'll get an understanding of what full-time investors are doing to find success.

Because tools like ReSimpli really are behind keeping track of the conversations that you have with leads, making sure you automatically follow up, and just generally closing more deals consistently.

ReSimpli isn't sponsoring this post, meaning they didn't pay me to make it. They did however hook me up with an affiliate link.

So if you sign up using it, I will get a kickback to support my business and you'll get 50 percent off your first month trying out the software if you sign up within 48 hours of the video dropping.


Lead Tracking

I think the best place to start, and where most of us are losing money, is in how we're keeping track of our leads.

I've got over 3,000 leads in my system right now, and there's the dashboard I'm using to keep track of all of them.

You can see what your leads pipeline looks like, you can see how many leads you have, and you can quickly get an idea about what stage they're in.

As you can see on the top left, you've got the leads that you haven't made contact with yet. This is where I uploaded the list from my first direct mail campaign, as well as any lists I get while driving for dollars or finding properties on the MLS.

Any lead I want in my system starts off right here. your goal is to then move each lead from left to right. to contact made, to appointment set, offers made, in goal assigned, to buyer.

If you're going to wholesale it, all the leads that you had, whether you missed a call will be no contact made, and anything that you attended to will be in contact made.

When you go into a lead, what we can see are some of the details about it. so you have your basic contact information that you'll put for the lead.

You can add your seller, you can add a buyer if you're wholesaling the property, and you can also add an agent if you're just gonna list this property. then you have your property address, and this is really important you know which lead source and which campaign it came from.

So this Property Address right here is a feature that's proven really valuable.

Let's say that you're gonna find leads in two different ways: bandit signs and direct mail.

ReSimpli lets you put two different phone numbers on those marketing materials.

So if somebody calls that direct mail number you'll automatically see in ReSimpli that it's a direct mail lead, and if somebody calls the number on the bandit signs, ReSimpli will automatically show you that it's a bandit sign lead.

This saves you money right away, because you can see if all of your deals are coming from direct mail leads, then maybe you don't need to keep spending money on bandit signs. and then as you scroll down, you have your basic property information.

Once you put in the property address, we pull some data from a third party company to see if it is an absentee owner. An absentee owner is essentially where the property address is different from the mailing address.

So we automatically pull that information and we have the owner's name, their mailing address, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, lot size, and what kind of property it is.

You see the amount paid and some estimated value. you can override this, but at least we can pull this from property assessor data.

But if something doesn't match, then if you know for sure that this person has actually added another bathroom in the basement, then you can override this.


Communication Notes 

The next feature that saves you money and that I've definitely started to use is to keep all of the communication and notes about a particular lead in one organized place.

If you're a one-person show, you can keep all of your notes to yourself in one spot and if you have VA's or you use an answering service like CallPorter, all of that communication about that deal happens just to the right of the screen and everything stays there forever.

I really like the fact that I can listen to the first call before I call the seller back, so before they even talk to me I'm picking up on their tone.

Are they super talkative?

Do I need to ask them about their kids, or are they someone who's right to the point?

So yeah, I think that's a huge feature.

So what you've seen so far ,is already getting us more organized.


Automatic Tasks

But another thing that I've started to set up are automatic tasks. This way, I don't have to memorize and try to keep in my brain every little thing that needs to happen on all of the different leads. 

When I first started out and I only had two or three leads, okay I could maybe keep up with them.

But as soon as you start to get more than just a handful of leads, this is going to become super important.

You set up your workflow in the beginning as you're using them in your business.

There are also some test tasks set up. 

So think of the perfect example: you have the property under contract, so you know there's certain things that need to be done with every property that goes under contract.

You need to check if the property is in a flood zone, that's a big issue for us where we invest.

We need to get a contractor estimate. We need to send the contract to the escrow company to confirm there's no pending issue.

These are some examples that we want to make sure are done before we move forward. 

You can set up these tasks for each stage that you have, and then every time the property goes in that stage it will automatically trigger that task.

You can assign it to different people in your team.

For example, if I have this in “no contact made” we have this task assigned to the acquisition manager and they will get a task assigned to call the lead.

Once you set up a checklist, you set it, you forget it, and it will keep reminding you.

It will keep triggering those tasks for everything in your business from the time a lead comes, prompting you to get it under contract and assigned to a buyer. 

If you're rehabbing it, if you sell it, or if you have a rental property, in all those stages it will keep triggering those tasks for you.


File Sharing

So here's another embarrassing thing. 

I have so many pictures from so many properties on my phone, it's ridiculous.

You guys know some of the crazy things that I've seen, but if I was to go back and look at those pictures I have no idea what property address it’s from or what the conversation with the seller was like.

It's just all a big jumble in my head, and so I asked Sharad about how you can keep files for a property all in one place. Think of it essentially as a Google Drive or Dropbox feature built in, but it's organized by every single property.

So let's say I have a property under contract and I have a home inspector who goes out and he's going to take pictures for me, or if I have a runner who's going to go take pictures for me. 

What I can do is create a folder and say “before picture” which is what we do in our business. 

I create this folder, then I'm gonna create a shareable link very similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. And I can choose what permission I want to give with this link.

Let's say for this one, I'm going to say “view and add new files” to the person who gets this link.

They will be able to view any files and they will also be able to add any new files real quick.


Uploading Files

For those of you who are wholesaling or investing virtually, the ability to send someone else a link and just have them take the pictures and upload them directly into your system is gonna be clutch.

Once I open it, this is what it's gonna look like for somebody outside of the business. 

So what they can do is, they can go in right here, and they can drop the files that they have.

Sending Contracts 

Speaking of buyers, I had Sharad show me how you can organize and build your buyers list within ReSimpli.

I'll show you guys that in a moment, but I also had him talk about how you can communicate with your buyers and send them contracts for e-signatures from right within the platform.

If you have your e-sign agreement, you upload it and essentially you're building out your template once you know whatever the buyer needs to sign and whatever the seller needs to sign.

So once you set it up, 90 percent of your work is done.

Then it's just about sending the same template over and over again to your buyers or sellers, depending on the transaction type.

So with the actual purchase agreement that we use in our business, we can set it up with the date and buyer name.

If you are buying the property in the same entity, then you can refill it so you don't have to fill it out every time for the seller's name.

You can basically drag and drop whatever field somebody needs to fill it out, and you can say, “The seller's name will go here.”

So when somebody gets it, they know exactly what they need to fill out. Then you can save it and close and go into any specific property.

Let's say if I go into one that I have under contract. Then what I will do is click on “send for e-sign.”

And then I'll choose that agreement, I'll fill in the name of the people that I want to send it to. Another cool thing you can do is we also include our title company in that contract.

They don't have to sign anything, but we put them as a CC. So once everybody is signed, they automatically get that email.

So we don't even have to forward it to them. As soon as the contract is signed by both buyers and sellers, they get the contract and they can start the title work.

And then we have a task for ourselves that just confirmed that they got it and everything is moving forward. With the title, you can also see if they opened it or if they did not open it.

So you know once you send it, a month or a day later you can check and see, “Hey Mr. Seller, I noticed that you opened the contract, but you haven't responded. Is there anything that I can do?”

So it tracks whether they have opened it or if they haven't. And they’ll say, “Oh, can you please send it to me?” Which happens a lot of times.

Then you can click “recent invite” and it's just gonna resend them the invite again.

There are a ton of features packed into ReSimpli, like Drip Campaigns. I haven't gotten every little thing I want implemented for my business yet, and I actually wrote about that because what I don't want for myself or for you guys is to just see it get so overwhelmed and be like, “I can't do it.”

And anybody who does want to sign up for ReSimpli, you're going to get unlimited onboarding.

It'll be completely free, so whenever you want to set up a call with someone from the ReSimpli team to help you implement any of the features that you want in your business, you can do that for free.

The next feature that I'm utilizing for the first time is the drip campaign feature. This isn't something that I understood or really put much value in at first, but as I've started to go through it, I'm starting to realize how this could really help you close more deals.

You can set up drip campaigns for any number of steps. You can set up a direct mail, you can set up an SMS, a task reminder to call the lead, an RVM, or an email.

So you can set any of these five in whatever frequency or duration you want.

For example, I can say, “Send this text out three minutes after we set it up.” Then I can add another step and I can say, “Wait for another day, and then send a reminder task for my acquisition manager to call the lead.”

Then I can set up another step and I can say, “Send another SMS.” You can customize this if you have the lead’s information. And you can even do customization for your own team.

You can say, “Hi first name, my name is acquisition manager. Can we talk about your property at the property street address? We are looking to buy properties in the property city.”

So if you're setting up the drip campaign for a lead but I am the acquisition manager, it's going to pick up my name, versus if you are sending the drip and you are the acquisition manager, it's going to go out with your name.

And then you can set it up to send in three hours. And then once you set it up on a drip, it's gonna start sending those messages. But the other cool thing that you can do is in a campaign, for whatever phone number campaign that you use, you can automate that drip sequence.

So what a lot of people that we know that are using ReSimpli do is as soon as a missed call came they would set up a text message to go out a minute or two minutes later.

And say, “I'm sorry I missed your call. I'm gonna call you in five minutes from this number.”

And you can make it very personalized. So if you know you're setting this up for direct mail absentee, you can say, “Hey Mr. Seller I know you just called me about a direct mail letter that you got from me. Sorry I missed your call. I'm gonna call you back in five minutes, I'm on another line.”

It just sounds like you actually missed that call and then you read it and you're texting back.


Follow Up 

It makes me think about if I start off with a cold calling campaign and I can't get in touch with someone, then maybe I automate it to send them a direct mail exactly a week or so later.

Or even vice versa, I send the mail first. If I didn't hear back from them then I call them and say, “Hey I'm the one who mailed you that.”

If you do those simple things today you're gonna see your conversion go through the roof.

I have to do that because I know that there's there's deals I've missed out on just because I didn't follow up. I'm thinking back to like one of my first times cold calling and the woman answered the phone and she was like, “I'm at work right now, but give me a call back at this time on this day or whatever because we are interested in selling.”

And then I just forgot about it like I took a note on a piece of paper and then I couldn't find her number again.

And it's just it goes I you're an exception where you got a call from you know camping like yeah I have a 33 unit trading that I want to sell it's not gonna happen with most people 

Most people are gonna say, “Yeah I'm interested, but follow up with me in a few months.”

It's really really important to have a very detailed log of all the communication you've had because you don't want to call back somebody six months later and make them feel like, “Hey, can you tell me what we talked about?”

I mean right off the bat they're like, “Oh my God, they don't even care who I am.”

You have to make them feel very special. You have to make them feel like you know about their property. so having those communications like call recordings, you listen to it before you call somebody so you know exactly what they're simple things.

If they talked about their dog, their pet, or their grandkids, definitely mention that. It's gonna make such a big difference. 

It's gonna give you an edge over anybody else.

Let's say if I'm gonna call this lead.if I have a note the owner has two dogs he loves and the dogs names are Sparky and Timmy, I'm going to leave for myself and I'm going to pin it.

So now, the next time I’m going to call this owner, I'm going to see there's a pin note: the owner has two dogs and loves them, named Sparky and Timmy. 

Imagine that I call this person six months later and I go on an appointment and I take some doggy treats.

Imagine somebody else goes. They have absolutely no shot of getting that deal versus me that actually has those notes, all their communication.

It's simple things that are going to make the biggest difference. It's like a cheat code, it really is.

When I first started, I was always just wondering how people were so organized, how do they stay on top of the follow up and remember those little things that the seller said.

It’s like, “Well I just listened to our conversation from three months ago. I just listened to it right before I called, so it's now refreshed.”


Calendar Integration

The next thing we're going to talk about is the calendar integration. so if I make an appointment on ReSimpli, it's going to show up on my Google calendar. and if I make an appointment on my Google calendar it's going to show up on my ReSimpli calendar. 

But on my ReSimpli calendar, it's going to show up as a personal appointment.

So these are all the appointments that I made on my Google calendar that show up as personal appointments.

Let's say if you have a doctor's appointment. it's not gonna say, “You have an appointment with this specific doctor at this time.”

No, it will only show up as a personal appointment and it's gonna block your time and then you can set up your availability here.

So you can say, “I'm gonna be available Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for appointments. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday, let's say I'm not available.”

And you can set up time for each day that you're available. 

Let's say if I go into any lead, and again Call Porter uses this a lot, if I send them my webform they can actually book an appointment for me through the webform.

But let's say if I want to book an appointment, it's going to show my availability.

It says “Oops no time slot available.” So they go on Monday and it shows my time slot .

So if they go on Wednesday, it doesn't because I had Tuesday and Wednesday blocked off.

So if I go on Thursday it's going to say, “I have these times, so it's available from eight to five.”

And then once they booked me for a specific time, for 8 to 9 A.M. on November 25th and then they come back, it will show that time as blocked for me. 

So if I come right here, it's also going to show up in my google calendar because I've synced up my google calendar.


Web Form Integration

Maybe we have someone else taking our calls, or even we're taking our own calls. Let's see the webform and how somebody might use that to log the information from a phone call.

Let's say you're using CallPorter for your incoming calls.

I'll just walk you through and how it works for us.

So you have your webform and you can choose what information the person you're sending the webform to will have visible to them.

If you don't want them to be filling out bedroom and bathroom information, then you can just hide it.

And if I want them to ask the pricing question, I’ll ask, “How much are you looking to sell the house for?”

So once I update this, I'm going to click on “copy to clipboard”and then once somebody opens this, they see the web form.

All the questions that I had made visible here are the ones that they can see.

So now let's say they start putting in the information. So they put the phone number and then it's gonna say “there's already five leads attached to this phone number. Do you want to update one of the leads or you want to create a new lead for this?”

So this way , it's not creating duplicate leads for it versus if I had one that's a brand new lead.

So I can put in this information. if it's from an incoming call, it's going to populate that automatically.

Then you can put in the email address and then the price. Let's say $150,000 is what the mortgage is on the house. It’s not occupied. Let's save it and then this lead is going to get populated in my system.

So it shows all the information that I filled out, and this is automatically linked up with my list.

Also, it tells me that this property is not vacant, it's checking from USPS and it's only part of my ReSimpli leads, meaning it's not in any other list that I'm marketing to.

So that's another cool thing that you get to see.

And then I can click and see the map view of this property. so this is a very interactive map.

You can actually walk around you can do a street view of this, and then from here I can see this new lead was created by web form.

If this was created from an incoming call, I would have a call recording also and all the information that they filled out right here for that property. That's really good.


Call Recording

So whether you are taking your own calls, or someone else's, you can just log that info and then have it.

No more writing on a piece of paper.

So even if you don't write anything, the important thing is that you ask them the question. you're going to have the call recording.

What some of the people would do is if they're on the road and they're not able to pull over and get this information, they'll just have a normal conversation. they'll come back and they'll just listen to the call recording and then input all the information.

You don't have to worry about it.

Call Porter is a professional company, so they would take the notes and do it for you. but a lot of acquisition people, they're going to be on the road.

They're not going to be in front of their computer. they're not going to be able to open up the web form. So ReSimpli's thing is, “Just talk to your seller. Just have a normal natural conversation with them. Everything is going to be recorded. You can come back and update all your lead intake form after the conversation is done.”

Let's jump over to the calculator tab. That was an interesting one as well. 

Let's say you're going to make an offer on this property. there's a couple of things you can do. there's a basic calculator that you have. I'm going to put in the ARV of let's say $250,000, and let's use the 70 percent simple formula.

You can put in your repair numbers either as a percentage of the ARV, or a dollar value. So percentage, let's say I'm going to put you know this is going to be based on my fall through. I think this is going to be simple pain floating, mostly cosmetic, so I'm going to put 10 percent.

And I want to make $15,000 on this.

Then it tells me based on these numbers, the maximum allowable offer for me is $135,000, which means I will be able to wholesale this property for $150,000 and I'll have a wholesale fee of $15,000 on this.

And then you can adjust these numbers. Of course when you're making these offers, you know you want to try to bump these up to twenty thousand dollars.

So a little bit more room, and then seventy percent here. you can do 65 percent again, just to be more conservative with your numbers.

If the seller agrees with that you know you have a higher profit that you can make.

Again, if it's a hot market then you know you would even go up to like 72.

75 percent has been seen in some markets, but if the market is really slow and not many people are buying, then you want to be on the lower side of the number.


Buyers' Database

So this is where I want to show you guys how I'm building and organizing my buyers list within ReSimpli.

It's actually helping me expand to other markets, because I recently got a deal, an 11 unit in Ohio.

I am actually at a property that Lili sent me.

Let's check it out. we're underwriting it right now, but I was able to look within my buyer's database in ReSimpli and quickly find the people who would be interested in a deal in that state.

This would be my buyer's database. so this is like a visual dashboard of how many total contacts you have. so you can add your buyers and agents and keep them separate so you can tag them differently.

And you can see how many of your total contacts you have with email addresses, how many total contacts you have with the phone numbers, and whether you have mobile numbers.

So once you upload your buyer's database, we check for their phone number to see if it's a landline or mobile.

So you know if you're texting somebody then you only want to text your mobile numbers. you know whether these are individual buyers or corporate, and what percentage of your total contacts you've actually done deals with.

It's one thing having 10,000 buyers in your list, but if you're only doing business with one person then do you really want to have that big of a buyer's database?

So this is what your buyers database would look like.

Then you can import your list. so if you have a list of CSV, then you can import it.

Or you can simply add you know one buyer at a time and then you can also customize this. You will also have the option for web form for buyers also. Just like you had for the leads, you can do the exact same thing for the buyers.

You can put your company name, you can put your company logo, or your own picture if you want and then you can send it out.

You can choose what question they will be able to see, what questions they will not be able to see, you send it out, they fill in their information, and that person gets added to the buyer's database.

So it's perfect. Let's say you're in a local real estate meeting and you get somebody's email address or you get somebody's phone number. You say, “I'm gonna text you my buyer’s platform just fill in your information and I'll start sending you less.”

So they can go to the person that you're sending it to and they can fill in all the information.

They can put in their first name, last name, if they're with a company, whether they're a buyer or an agent, their phone number, email, and what cities they're buying properties in.

They can put Chicago, New York, whatever areas they're buying in.

So this is what I'm talking about right here. every person that I've networked with or been introduced to or Buyers List DMs me and says, “I'm a buyer looking for properties.”

I just send them this link and they're able to fill out all of their information including where they're buying at and then I can search by that state within ReSimpli whenever I want to send out a deal.

And then that will get added in your buyers’ database and you can say, “Do you have proof of funds?” Yes. “Number of deals you're aiming to do this year?”

This can be completely customized. So once they've updated this information, it will come right here in the buyer's database.

So the next thing you will do is, if you have your list ready then you're going to filter it.

You can save your templates also. If you want to have saved templates or people that you have their email and cell phone numbers, if you want to apply that if there are people that you have mobile number and also email info for.

Then you can either do “send bulk SMS” and it's gonna say, “You're sending bulk SMS to three people.”

So we're gonna send bulk SMS from a toll free number which has a much higher deliverability rate and another thing we've noticed, it makes you come across a little bit more professional by sending it from a toll-free number.

But the cool thing is it's a two-way toll-free number, so you can text out, you can call out, you can receive calls, and you can also receive text messages. So once you send it out, you can give it a campaign name, 123 main street.

Then you can put in your message, “Hi first name.”

It's gonna pick up the buyer's first name. 

On this property at 123 Main Street, there's a link with pictures. 

So then you can copy and paste your ReSimpli link with pictures and send it out. Then they open it.

If they reply back to you, all the communication will be there with everything that you've talked to this person about so you don't have to go back and forth figuring things out.

I can send a campaign over, and it shows a text message I sent out. Then the person sent details over.

So all the communications you've had and any deals that they've actually done with them will be logged in there.

So if I go back, I can see I have three deals.

I can click and it's going to take me to that specific property and I can say, “Hey, I sold you that property.”

And then you can see the tax that you have for that property. You can click back on the buyer's name and it'll bring you back.

And you can see all the tags that you have for that buyer. Then you have the files for your leads. You also have the files for your buyers. 

So if you get proof of funds, corporate documents, or anything related to that buyer you might want to upload it in that file section so you don't have to ask them since everything is very organized.

You can also share this link and say, “Hey, I'm going to send you a file sharing link. Can you please put your proof of funds and your corporate documents in that folder.”

Once they do, it gets automatically saved for that buyer.

Each of the things you've seen today are features I'm working on implementing into my own business to save money and stop missing out on deals. 

So if you want to try it out, you'll get 50 percent off your first month when you sign up here!



So, now that you've gotten an intro to ReSimpli, are you ready to start your real estate journey?

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