The 1031 Exchange

1031 exchange May 05, 2023

I'm sharing an opinion that is probably a little controversial in the real estate investing world, and it has to do with some recent government tax changes, real estate investing changes, all that good stuff. I've seen a lot of real estate and investing YouTubers here talking about this change, and I kind of disagree with most of them.

But what we're going to do today is, we're going to watch Graham Stephan's latest video talking about this change, and i'll share my thoughts as he kind of is explaining how everything is working.

Graham: So a few days ago, I made a video discussing my thoughts on the new personal tax increases along with an analysis of how that would affect the stock market.

However, I purposely left out one crucial point which has the power to completely change the landscape of real estate investing and home ownership, because honestly it deserves its own video. 

And that brings us to today.

In the middle of one of the most heated housing markets of all time,...

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