5 Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom

financial freedom May 03, 2023


This is not your typical business advice.

Everyone tells you to write a business plan, start an LLC, design a logo, throw it on some merch, talk about it on Instagram, and put your head down and grind because money doesn't grow on trees.

They're wrong, money does in fact grow on trees. There are five types of money trees, and today I'm going to show you how to plant seeds and start growing one of your own. In fact, to prove to you how much I believe in this strategy, I'm starting a brand new business in the same way.

I documented my very first real estate deals on this channel. I'm going to be documenting that business and all of the failures and all the successes starting with this post.

Today's post takes us from zero to five hundred dollars, and if you follow along with this series it might just take you from day one of your business to Financial Freedom.

If you're really about it, let's go! I recently read a book called “The Millionaire Fastlane,” and it got...

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