How to use my House Hacking Calculator to Estimate Costs

calculator house hacking May 16, 2023

Today I'm gonna show you guys exactly how I run the numbers and analyze different potential investment properties.

Today I'm going to show you two properties, one in Oklahoma and then another out in Pennsylvania.

We're gonna specifically look at multifamily properties that you could house hack,  as I think that's what's the best way to get started investing.

The first one we're gonna do here on the white board, and second property I'm gonna show you guys how to use the Excel calculator that I built that is super simple. you just type in your numbers, and it spits out your cash flow amount, your return on investment, all the necessary information that you need.

Here is the link to my house hacking deal calculator.


First Property 

The first property we're going to look at is a duplex that I found in Oklahoma City and the purchase price for this duplex was $120,000. This is a 1-bed, 1-bath on each side, and there are a couple of things you want to know for...

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House Hacking: Paying $0 for my home

What is your largest expense right now?

Is it food, clothes, streaming services? What about your rent or mortgage payment?

For most people, the place you live is also the place that puts the biggest strain on your pockets.

When I was finishing up my basketball career and preparing to live in the real world for the first time, I heard about a little known way to buy a house for free and live in that house for free.

And today, I'm going to tell you exactly how I did it at just 23 years old.

What's up, guys? My name is Lili, and before I scaled my real estate portfolio to be worth over $1.3 million, I was a Division One college athlete, soon to be college graduate, and I had a pit in my stomach over my imminent entrance into the real world to get a real job and pay real rent.

But then one of the best things ever happened to me, and it put me on the road to real estate induced financial freedom.

I tore my ACL.

Okay, let me back up a little bit.

I remember my very first...

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